Threadworthy – WSOP Circuit Winner Doug Lee Called Out Yet Again

Players behaving badly.

One of poker’s more notorious personalities, 2-time WSOP Circuit Ring Winner Doug Lee, is being called out, once again, for some rather unbecoming behavior.

This time, it’s by Jimmy Fricke and he tells a tale of Lee pulling a possible angle paired with an unacceptable choice of words in the recent Planet Hollywood $500K Guarantee.

An angle and an insult from Lee. This didn’t sit well with crusader Allen Kessler who got to the bottom of the story from Jimmy himself and posted it on, where else, Two Plus Two.

More on the matter from Fricke:

Doug gets away with this **** time after time after time. It’s really not funny when it happens to you in a spot where there’s so much money at stake. Shame on Planet Hollywood for not having the guts to do the right thing. Even a ****ing one hand penalty would make me feel better. They did a lot of stupid **** during this tournament but letting someone get away with this is ****ing inexcusable.

Is it an angle? Is it worthy of a penalty? Most reputable posters think so and so do we but there are others that try to make a case that it’s not an angle. Let us know what you think.

Is the name calling acceptable? That part we can all agree is not.

It’s all up for an intense debate over on Two Plus Two, just waiting for you to chime in. Or you can just lurk and have a few laughs.

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