Don’t Be Bullied – Advice For Dealing With The Hyper-Aggros

Over at PokerNews, Robert Woolley, tries to help beginners with some basic tips on battling back against the table bully. When a hyper-aggro guy tries to play and win every pot by putting you to the constant test, there’s an optimal way to handle that kind of beast: call.

Woolley, by way of “The Mad Genius” Mike Caro, explains that getting run over or trying to go punch for punch with a poker bully will expose you to some major leaks – but calling against this type of player – could put you in position to capitalize on the bully missteps.

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A poker bully is by definition too aggressive. In order to be a bully, he must make a fundamental mistake — he must bet and raise too often. When an opponent makes a mistake, there’s always a way to take advantage. Here’s how to take advantage of a poker bully:

Call more often. Because a bully is betting more hands, it’s obvious that he must be betting more than just the ones you would normally bet. This means you can relax your calling standards and still make a profit.

It’s a solid piece of advice. Woolley adds his personal experience to go with Caro’s words of wisdom to help you the next time you have someone who thinks they can play any two all the time.

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