Get It In Good – A Grinders Guide To Getting Better Backing

Words of advice for online grinders.

Long time successful online guru Alex Fitzgerald takes to his Bluff Magazine column to help young online grinders find the path to better backing.

With poker being thought of as a game of “easy money” there may be plenty of pitfalls out there for young poker talent who need a bankroll boost to take their game to the next level. Alex lays out a good strategy for finding the best crew to help you elevate your mindset and also, what your responsibilities are as a dedicated horse.

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It’s an intelligent idea when you’re starting to trade 50 percent of your profits to have access to an unlimited bankroll and quality poker instruction. I would never be as accomplished as I am today if I hadn’t had calm and thoughtful backers who also took the time to occasionally coach me. It would have been impossible to crack the higher stakes games without their deep pockets and relaxed temperament.

Don’t get sore if you start making considerable money for your backer. You would have never made it without their backing. Play the average buy-in you and your backer have decided on, but don’t load up the highest stakes tournaments when you’re tired just because it’s someone else’s money. You also should be devoting 5-10 hours a week in your poker studies, so you can ensure you’re an appreciating asset.

While there’s a lengthy intro, the heart of the advice looks to be quality for young online players who are really taking their shot. Ask for and receive quality coaching and in turn put your “A Game” out there each and every time.

So take some time and check this one out over at Bluff.

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