Gambling Partners Exploit Loophole In Video Poker Machine, Las Vegas Makes Them Pay

Tale of gaming, greed and pressing the magic buttons.

Is it wrong to exploit the flaws of a casino when it goes against the house?

Just as Phil Ivey begins his “edge sorting” trial comes this fantastic article from Wired Magazine about a couple of guys who discovered a bug in the Game King video poker software and went to work collecting on it.

They could play anywhere and beat the house wherever they went. Nestor, who’d been scraping by on a $1,000-a-month welfare check, saw a whole new future unfolding: home ownership, an investment account, security, better clothes, and gifts for his friends back home. For his part, Kane was already well on his way to erasing the massive losses he’d suffered since moving to Sin City.

Of course, when you win in Las Vegas, Las Vegas takes notice and if you think this tale ends with a couple of down on their luck gamblers, finding an edge, exploiting it and riding off into the sunset – well, you’ve got another thing coming.

While it’s a longer read than we usually direct you to, we think you’re going to really enjoy this well-told tale of thinking you’re in a dream but waking up in a nightmare and how a ton of cash can tear apart a couple of time-tested friends.

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