Single Digit Losses – Jose Canseco’s Finger Falls Off While Playing Poker

In the wake of the World Series of Poker crowning a new, worthy champion – what story could trump that less than a week later?

How about former professional baseball player, steroid whistleblower, celebrity boxer Jose Canseco having his surgically reattached finger literally fall off at the poker table.

Yep. This happened and it’s getting way more mainstream attention than anything else that came before it in 2014. Outlets from ESPN to E! Online are reporting on the slugger’s single digit loss on the felt.

It’s so grotesque while simultaneously being bizarrely hilarious that it seems that everyone is talking about it. Canseco knew that the finger in question was in danger of being lost from the get go, well before he decided to play a few hands, as he’d recently blown it off his own hand while cleaning a gun.

For his part Canseco is taking it all in stride, even cracking jokes about “finger food.”

Now…be careful here. Graphic content…

Canseco said that there was video of it, which was sold to his manager. But in the meantime, Jose posted a photo which is of the most disturbing variety.

Bluff Magazine’s Tim Fiorvanti just so happened to finger Canseco at the Aria (ok, that sounds bad) the day before this went down and noticed the hand in question.

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