Selling Pieces: Jose Canseco’s Poker Finger Headed To eBay

Anyone looking for a unique card protector?

If you’re interested in backing, Jose Canseco is selling pieces of himself.

Former MLB slugger turned steroid whistleblower and poker enthusiast, Jose Canseco, let his fans know that now they can take a piece of him home with them.


Canseco’s infamous “poker finger”, the one he shot off his own hand while cleaning a gun. The one that was surgically reattached, started smelling bad and eventually fell off – AT THE POKER TABLE – is going up for sale.

According to USA Today though, while it’s unlikely that Canseco can actually put that finger up for sale, he is seemingly trying to get rid of the gun that left him holding a bad hand. (turns out that selling either would be against eBay’s T&C)

We can think of at least one guy who might be interested in this deal.

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