Terrence Chan Performs An Ultimate Poker Autopsy

They needed more purple.

Terrence Chan, poker player, mixed martial artist and former employee of the now defunct Ultimate Poker, goes on the record and dissects what he thinks went wrong at the start-up poker site that has seen its final days.

While Chan is critical of the way things went down at UP, this isn’t going to be a video where he pisses on the tombstone of his former place of employment and he’s pretty adamant that if you are one of those people who enjoy doing that, you can “go fuck yourself.”

In the end Chan says that basically UP, with their proprietary software, lacked the time, tools and resources in order to get their product to the level that those inside the company knew they needed. But perhaps, the company’s biggest downfall, according to Chan, was their failure to invest in the people who believed in company.

Speak candidly, Chan takes a look at the inner workings of this particular start-up and so if you are interested in what happened in the offices of Ultimate Poker, Chan’s video podcast – while perhaps a little dry – holds some incredibly interesting information on the business end of online poker.

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