Former Ultimate Poker Pro William Reynolds Lashes Out

Is Ultimate Poker spending their money on fake views of Me vs. U?

When it was discovered that Ultimate Poker had slashed over half of their roster of sponsored pros, we here at F5Poker anticipated a few words from fiery pro WIlliam Reynolds. It turned out that a little time would have to lapse, and Ultimate Poker would have to depart the state of New Jersey, before we could glean some idea of how that breakup took place…today we got a peek.

Note: these tweets have since been deleted, but the text version lives on!

While Ultimate Poker has a number of types of video, Reynolds is most likely referencing their flagship series “Me vs. U”.

So, is Ultimate Poker artificially inflating the pot when it comes to having views of the competition show featuring Dan 'O Brien and Danielle Andersen? Plainly put – are they buying views?

Well, as an entity that consistently monitors and aggregates poker content we can say that the numbers of viewers for that series is seriously out of line with even the most popular Bluff or PokerNews videos.

Remember when Bluff caught Joe Hachem essentially saying 'Poker Is Dying’ during the Aussie Millions? That was almost as viral as poker videos get, excluding mainstream offerings like Carter Gil's sad face and Conor Drinan's pocket aces . As a point of reference the Hachem video has about 58K views.

Episode 10 of “Me vs U” on YouTube? 105K!! And there’s nothing really special or mainstream about that. Entertaining, sure, but ever since episode number one the numbers have been suspect. Yea, we feature Me vs U on F5, but c’mon man, we ain’t got that kind of pull!

Whatever…let’s get back to William. Is he done? Nah…


He keeps on stabbing...

So, for the first time we get a sense that, unlike J.C. Tran and 888Poker, this was not an amicable parting of ways. Reynolds has always been one to speak his mind and now that he’s talking, who knows what he’ll say next.

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