The Ratings Game – ESPN’s Main Event Numbers May Bode Well For Poker

Wicked Chops Poker breaks down the TV broadcast.

The entities over at Wicked Chops Poker say the numbers are in and the numbers look good for poker.

With the Main Event behind us and a champion crowned the only thing that’s left to do is sift through the rubble and that’s what WCP did when they were handed the ratings of the 2014 WSOP Final Table on ESPN.

According to WCP, ESPN actually received a healthy 10-13% year-over-year jump in ratings for the Monday broadcast as the final table played down to 3 players. Then, though, the ratings took a 6% dip (again, year-over-year) when the broadcast returned on Tuesday night.

The final three was an absolute nut-kicker worst case scenario for TV viewership in the U.S., essential pitting three mute non-Americans against each other.

But even with that take, which would seem grim for “mainstream” audiences. The ratings were still better than some regular season games in leagues like the MLB and NBA.

So what does this mean for poker in general. Well, the guys think it looks good and that if this kind of trend continues, you may actually get to enjoy more poker on TV in the years to come.

Don’t take our word for it – check out the whole write up over at Wicked Chops: 2014 WSOP Ratings and State of Poker TV

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