Mike “Timex” McDonald – Fat Cats Sending Cash

Must be nice to be Mike “Timex” McDonald.

One of our favorite Canadian professional poker players continues to run sick good when it comes to life. He’s got a yellow Lambo, a piercing stare and millions upon millions in poker tournament earnings. Now he’s even got random people sending him thousands of dollars in cash…and he has no idea what for.

Of course, Timex isn’t some guy who just takes unsolicited money without questioning where it came from. So, he politely writes back to find out what what this money is for.

Is it from a forgotten prop bet? A staking deal? A percentage swap?

He gets a reply in the form of this photo:

It doesn’t stop there.

Another day, another gift. Timex then reported that he received another lump sum and by all indications he has as of yet to know (or reveal) what he did or why he deserves the cash.

So what is Mike going to do with his new pocket change?

Again, must be nice.

UPDATE – Mystery Solved!

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