PokerStars Teaches The Basics Of Bluffing

No kidding, it's a video about bluffing.

PokerStars has been getting back to basics recently, pouring a lot of time and production energy into creating some 101 level videos for those new to the game. It’s in their best interest to do so, of course, as there always needs to be new blood to keep the game good. Here in this video, they talk about the basics of bluffing — the why and how to do it.

But…there’s another funny element to this video. In talking about what bluffing can do to your opponent the narrator says that when you bluff your opponents can “crumble and be very intimidated. They may act passively and fold better hands.” That phrase is accompanied by world-class player, the rarely intimidated, extremely active Antonio Esfandiari lazily throwing a hand away.

It goes on to say players may also “play badly and throw away their chips” with a video image of EPT Grand Finale Champion Glen Chorney looking very unhappy…as if he was playing badly due to a bluff. Those are some funny, unflattering characterizations of a couple of well-known players.

But, hey, that’s not the point. The point is – if you want some bullet points on pulling off a big bluff, PokerStars has got it. (Or do they?)

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