GPI’s Alex Dreyfus Encourages Debate While Hellmuth Backs Off

After yesterday’s dust up over comments by Phil Hellmuth “not respecting” the Global Poker Index, Alex Dreyfus, purchaser and head honcho of the player ranking formula, took to his blog to set the record straight.

Dreyfus openly admits that while he’s happy that the GPI is getting the “poker mainstream” attention he feels it deserves, having Hellmuth bash it in public is not ideal.

I have to admit that having a tweet from the “Greatest” poker player in the world made my day and ruined my night. It is funny that when you put so much effort in to your baby, your business, and something you believe in, you feel disappointed and hurt when someone attacks your enterprise. Luckily we live in a free world and obviously, criticism is always good.

Of course, he points out that Hellmuth’s major criticism is flawed, as the GPI downwards adjusts high-rolling buy-ins to a 20k max. That said, he’s all about watching the GPI evolve so, in his eyes, he can better promote the game of poker. For Alex, that’s his major goal.

While his blog is pretty well written and explains his position and eagerness to engage in conversation well, he also puts a fine point on the predatory nature of poker and his desire to see it be profitable for the pros.

The more we promote poker, the more new players will join the game at the tables. The ecosystem need new players (both online and offline) to allow the good, the best and greatest players to make money from the game.

For what it’s worth, shortly after the blog post, Hellmuth backed off his tweet from yesterday:

Hellmuth’s change of heart surprised some in the poker media:

Read the entire blog post from the Global Poker Index: 'Greatest is not the best

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