PokerStars Goes Back To Basics

PokerStars almost runs out of superlatives in its descriptions of hand rankings.

You don’t need this video. It’s not for you.

Since we try our best to bring you everything out there we thought there was no harm in showing off PokerStars’ latest video which literally explains the ranking of poker hands. There’s got to be some data behind this, right? They have to know that people who visit PokerStars are interested in the game but have no clue whatsoever about how to play. This video looks slick, it’s well done and it’s not Lee Jones reading from a book, so there was some money spent here.

Some of the comments don’t seem to take the video too seriously:

woah woah, go slower i can’t keep up with all of these hand rankings!!!

This is Pokerstars Youtube channel. I’m pretty sure that it isn’t necessary to explain the basics of poker.

Wait so is a triple 9 hand higher than a full flush straight ?

We suppose if you want new players in the game, someone has to take the time to educate them and PokerStars definitely wants new players in their game.

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