Proof: God Loves Poker

All the preaching goes in pre-flop.

The next time you are at a family gathering and your judgmental older sibling cracks a joke about how you should get out and see the world instead of wasting your time playing poker all the time – show them this video.

They’ll quickly see that God the Almighty endorses our great game by letting these little punks toss cards and chips around in a dude only poker night hosted by a church. It’s a home game at the house of God and these little hellraisers are showing each other up worse than Filipoo Candio against Joey Cheong. Even though it’s a serious breach of etiquette, we have a feeling they’ll be forgiven.

So God bless poker everyone. But, your sibling is right and you should get out and see the world sometimes, ok?

published 7 years, 10 months ago • by permalink

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