Shaun Deeb & Jason Somerville Will Be Heard

The pair along with pokerfuse's Mike Gentile present iGaming North America panel.

Unlike at the Tournament Directors Association meeting, the players will be heard at the 2014 iGaming North America conference in Las Vegas this March. Straight from the hand that feed us, pokerfuse boss Mike Gentile will be moderating a panel of A-list poker players including Shaun “F**ing” Deeb* and Ultimate Poker's Jason Somerville to talk about some of the issues surrounding the imaging space from a players perspective.

iGNA once again invites a panel of  professional and semi-professional poker players to share their perspectives on the business with industry participants.The 2013 session presented a treasure trove of information that only the players can provide, and this year’s panel is sure to do the same. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from some of the most informed members of the online poker community.

So how do you partake? First, get your ass to Vegas. Next get a pass to the conference and be in the Celebrity Ballroom 7 at 4:30 on Day 2. It’s easy. Plus mention F5 to Mike Gentile and he’ll buy you a free drink. The author of this article did not confirm this, but he’s going to give this post the final edit and if he doesn’t notice this and delete it from the post then he’s on the hook for it.

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