Dan Bilzerian Has An Itchy Trigger Finger

Gun totin' Beardo takes his shot.

Everyone knows that sometime high-stakes poker player Dan Bilzerian is a consumer of fast cars and high powered rifles. Well, he hit the shooting range the other night with a shotty and some clay pigeons to show everyone that he doesn’t need an alarm for home security.

Blasting skeet tonight, even got a couple shooting from the hip.

Speaking of shooting ranges: According to an article appearing on SOFREP.com (The Special Operations Forces Situation Report), it turns out that Bilzerian was sooooo close to being a NAVY SEAL but it looks to be a safety violation on a shooting range that led to his training class dismissal.

I’ve verified that Dan was in BUD/S 229, 238, and 239 before being dropped from training with class 239 for a safety violation on the shooting range. To address the “no good reason” comment from Dan, in my opinion it’s likely that his instructors felt that he wasn’t a good fit for the SEAL community and were looking for any excuse to drop him from training. This why we call it a “selection” process, and it doesn’t end, even when you get to your SEAL Team. Dan, as a former instructor myself, I know that your instructors did have a good reason. Reflect on the reason and become a better man for it. After all, you did complete 99% of one of the hardest military selection courses in the world.

Not that anyone would dispute that he was tough enough to be a SEAL.

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