Jesus and Howard – The Case For Expulsion

Jesse May and Lee Davy explore the idea of banning the FTP duo.

Last week we published a piece about the comments of Diamond Flush predicting that Jesus Ferguson would once again walk the halls of the Rio during the World Series of Poker.

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The post spawned a lot of conversation in the poker media about whether “Jesus” would be accepted back into the fold now that the funds from Full Tilt Poker have been, for the most part, repaid. In the latest opinion piece over at Pokerlistings, poker scribe Lee Davy talks with well-known poker personality Jesse “The Voice Of Poker” May about what the temperature in the room is when it comes to forgiving Ferguson if he saw him tanking at the tables.

Obviously he is entitled to attend but I wouldn’t welcome him. Personally, people like him, and especially Howard Lederer, have disgraced themselves and I’m not personally satisfied with the answers they’ve given about what happened at Full Tilt.

Jesse goes on to say that while he’d rather turn his back on Ferguson than awkwardly shake his hand, he wouldn’t go so far as to outright ban him. When asked if Ferguson should be allowed to play May replied:

I don’t see why not. I don’t think they are the only two pariahs in the poker world, and legally they haven’t been charged or convicted with anything.

Lee Davy on the other hand servers as both the jury to May’s interview but also his own opinionated judge and executioner – making the case for having the WSOP, EPT and WPT all place bans on the pair.

They have betrayed the trust of the entire poker community and have set our industry back 20 years. They are responsible for the ruin of thousands of people’s lives and, so far, have yet to admit to any wrongdoing other than “mismanaging” a business.

Perhaps Davy got a little worked up – setting back 20 years may be hyperbole. while “the ruin of thousands of people’s lives” is a bit strong...but yea, Ferguson and Lederer did more than “mess up big time” for sure. So what would Davy ultimately have happen?

There is no way that Ferguson should be allowed to play at the WSOP. His sheer presence will produce enough emotion to create a whirlwind of problems for players and the WSOP alike.

Imagine the outcry should Ferguson take his seat and get punched on the bridge of his nose by a player whose life was ruined by his inept decision making. A player who would then be subsequently banned by the WSOP whilst a blood-stained Ferguson would be able to check, raise and fold?
bq. This cannot be allowed to happen.

What’s your take? Ban these guys for life, give them a sentence or live and let live? Either way, there’s a chance we’ll find out how the poker community will handle this soon enough.

Want to get the full picture from May and Davy’s perspective? Check out Is it Time to Ban Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer For Good?

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