Daniel Negreanu –

“I’m Not That Guy.”

Prop bets are not really Kid Poker’s “thing.”

Kid Poker interview approaching Saw and The Fast In Furious in terms of volume.

We’ve completely lost count of how many segments All In Magazine have cut this Daniel Negreanu interview in, but here’s another. (It’s part 6) This time Kid Poker finds himself distancing himself from the extra curricular activity that many high stakes poker pros engage in – prop betting. You know, putting money on silly tasks or humiliating circumstances.

Anyway, Negreanu says that while he’s not really one for prop betting, he does have a big one with notorious prop better, Ted Forrest. While the amount is not disclosed in the interview, the premise is that Daniel can NEVER weigh 170. Negreanu turned vegetarian right after making that bet (eventually became a vegan) and currently sits at 160 lbs.

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