Study Up On Where To Kick Off Your Newfound Poker Profession

Cardplayer lists the best US cities to be a poker pro.

For a lot of people, it’s the dream. Doing what you want, when you want and playing poker in-between. The life of a poker pro is often described as “a hard way to make an easy living” but depending on where you pay your rent and set up shop, finding your game of choice can be made a little easier.

In a recent two-part article from the (still!) Lock Poker loving folks over at Cardplayer, the staff breaks down the best poker playing cities in the United States and takes a in-depth look at what makes each city great. While you may think you know the top 5 and how they rank, you may be surprised with some the order and some of the facts that Cardplayer came up with to help you make your decision on where you should lay your head when worrying about your fragile bankroll.

In addition to the top cities, and those that just missed the cut, Cardplayer buries some pretty interesting stats about poker in America.

On an average weeknight, there are upwards of 500 $1-$2 or $1-$3 no-limit hold’em cash games running in the U.S. at any given time. There are nearly 150 $2-$5 games, around 50 $5-$10 games, and usually around 15 $10-$20 games. Those numbers increase by about 25 percent on weekends.


High stakes games, which are no-limit games of $25-$50 or higher and limit games of $100-$200 or higher, exist with regularity at only 15 casinos nationwide, the majority of which are in California or Nevada. The biggest games occur at the Borgata, Parx Casino, Commerce Casino, Aria, and Bellagio.

Both parts are well-worth a read, even if you aren’t considering turning pro (as almost none of us are). Packed with interesting info and a surprise twist in the Top 5, the pair of articles doesn’t disappoint.

Fun times: Here’s all ten states (5 of which, the cities are included in the article)...rank them before you look and see if you can nail the Top 5 States, in order, and which 5 fell outside the list.

New Jersey

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