How To Resurrect Your Dead Poker Career Part 5 – So You’re A Degen

Do what Jesus did and bring your game back to life.

So, none of the previously mentioned problems plague you? If you’re still on the outside looking in, you’re probably just a degenerate. Lucky for you, this is poker, where the wolves come to play. Here’s Part 5 (the finale) of How To Resurrect Your Dead Poker Career.

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Problem: You Owe Everyone a Bunch of Money.
Solution: Bink a major/go to rehab/find a new sucker.

It may be the biggest problem in poker: you have life leaks that drain your bankroll off of the felt. Never fear, where there’s a will there’s a way. If you owe everyone in the poker world money or just can’t keep the cash you have… here’s a couple ideas on how to get back in the good graces of poker:

A. Bink a major. Hey, Chino Rheem allegedly owed, like, everyone he knew before he won the Epic Poker Main Event. PokerNews referred to Rheem’s reputation as that of a “debtor, swindler, and borderline sociopath.” After his win though he started giving back the cash and even got staked for the $111k One Drop last year (although that didn’t turn out well).

B. Go to rehab. Erik Lindgren got caught up in a fantasy sports betting controversy in which he actually went to gambling rehab for everything gambling (except poker) and declared bankruptcy. Here’s a quote from Lindgren from the 2013 WSOP.

“It no secret that I had financial problems, definitely gambled too high and I had to address that part of my life. I just realize that money’s, you know, not that important to me…that success is, that my family is and I’ve become a way less selfish person, a way happier person.”

Bankruptcy and an admitted habit didn’t stop Lindgren from having a monster year after that – 2nd place in the WPT 5-diamond for $650k and a massive 5 cashes and a bracelet for $630k+ series.

Watch Erik get choked up after his comeback

C. Find a sucker…er, backer. Jean-Robert Bellande actually brags about being broke all the time and his sometimes backer, Dan Bilzerian, actually defamed him in public for his poor play (he called him 'a little slow mentally’). Still, Bellande finds himself hanging out with Bilzerian, flying in private jets, playing poker on the beach and…owning a Bentley??

So, just remember there’s always hope, even on the river. If your poker career is dead, you can bring it back to life even if your name isn’t Jesus.

Actually, Jesus will have a tough time.

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If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (VACPG) helpline at 1-888-532-3500
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