Kevin “Phwap” Boudreau’s Condition Continues To Improve

Playing online poker as body begins to awaken.

For those of you who recall the story of Kevin Boudreau from last year’s WSOP, Chad Holloway over at PokerNews recently spoke with the family to provide the poker community with a very nice update on his condition.

Kevin continues to recover from the traumatic brain injury he suffered in the parking lot of the Rio last year and is getting better all the time, including getting to play a little online poker in-between therapy sessions.

At this point, Kevin’s right side has begun to wake up and start moving. His right hip and leg can now move forward to walk, but he can’t bear his entire body weight. He eats anything and his feeding tube only provides water for hydration. He has begun to vocalize and can say only a few words, but it’s coming around.

The first question everyone seems to ask is, “Does Kevin know what’s really going on?” and the answer is yes, absolutely! He can read, he remembers well, and believe it or not, he can play online poker. He still makes better decisions than me, and that’s playing left handed.

His parents remain optimistic and Kevin is progressing every day and even hopes to make his way to the WSOP just to see his friends and hang out.

Definitely a great read: Kevin 'Phwap’ Boudreau’s Family Provides Poker Community Update on His Condition

Here’s a look at Kevin in action at the 2010 World Series of Poker:

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