Gus Hansen—

“At Some Point I Have To Quit”

Hansen gets candid about his high stakes online beating

“He’s beating the shit out of me” – Hanson of his matches against Sebastian Ruthenberg.

It’s no secret that Gus Hansen has taken a brutal beating in the high stakes online game. In this latest interview with PokerStrategy Gus is confronted with his online poker record and forced to take a look as to why he’s getting crushed.

Gus ponders if he’s in fact too relaxed, not focused enough, spends too long online or the fact that he’s not putting in the proper analysis of his game. The edge he might have once had is all but gone and he’s forced to face the multi-million dollar loss as a result. Frustrated, Hansen continues to work on his game and even with the staggering losses, he’s planning on being in Las Vegas this summer to participate in the Big One In One Drop 1 million dollar tournament.

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