Evolution Of Game – How The Internet Forever Changed Poker

Ten ways the internet influenced the course of poker history.

In today’s poker world, there are certain things we take for granted. Poker moves, services and situations that feel like they have been around forever when, in fact, today’s modern poker game is heavily influenced by poker’s fast adaptation of the internet.

In the latest poker article from TheRichest.com, they take a close look at 10 of the ways that the game of poker has changed as a direct result of people being able to get their rounders fix online. From the evolution of 3-betting to advanced poker training sites, the internet has made it easier to learn the game and tougher to make money from it. Check out some excerpts after the jump:

Individual Player Stats

On the internet, however, those hands are more than just hands, they’re numbers. And those numbers are real, interpretable data. If you’ve played 10 hands pre-flop, folded 7 of them, called 2 and raised 1, your Voluntary Put Money in Pot (VPIP) is 30, and your Pre-Flop Raise (PFR) is 10. This is the statistical poker equivalent of learning the first three letters of the alphabet. Every single event, every choice you make at a poker table, is a recordable statistic and reflects the quality of your play. An experienced poker player can immediately spot weaknesses in another player’s game with a cursory glance at their numbers.

Proof That Poker Is A Skill Game

Because of the advent of poker databases, trying to prove poker skill went from live tournament players saying ‘hey, look, I’ve made a bunch of money for a long time’ to actual hard, recorded data that is undeniable proof. So to all those out there who call poker gambling, I hazard you should ponder your definition of the word a bit. I’ve been playing poker for six years and I don’t gamble.

The Online Pro

Players with the means, time and dedication to refine their craft online came onto the scene and would influence poker in a nearly overwhelming way, much like the way a Mongol horde might change history. Names like Tom Dwan and Phil Galfond came out of seemingly nowhere, exploding onto the live poker radar and having a profound influence on the game. As they brought new strategies and different viewpoints to the table, so to speak, the great live pros did what any pro would do; learn and adapt.

For all 10 ways, and a pretty nice read, check out 10 Ways the Internet Changed Poker Forever

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