Jean-Robert Bellande Talks One Drop, Bilzerian and Saying Goodbye To Broke Living

JRB dishes the dirt on his most recent score.

The chaps over at Bluff Europe scored an interview with recent One Drop registrant Jean-Robert Bellande where he talks about all things One Drop, his past business dealings with Dan Bilzerian and what it would mean for him (and poker) if he was the sole survivor in the $1M buy-in summer tournament.

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Check out some excerpts from the sit down with JRB:

On how Bellande found his way into the tournament:

Recently I’ve had a couple things go my way, and had a few people say they were interested in partnering with me for the One Drop. So I decided to give it a go.

I can say I have less than 30% of myself. I can’t say much more than that.

On his past dealings with Instagram King, Dan Bilzerian:

He’s a little frustrated about when we did business together and it didn’t work out. Now he sees it working out for me and his own buddy who’s doing business with me now. He’s a little bitter about that! I keep teasing him. He acts all miserable about me winning, but really, Dan’s in my corner. If I end up winning this One Drop I promise you, he’s going to be one of the happiest people for me. He loves to give me a hard time and loves busting my balls and I do the same to him. I’m a fan of his; I’m not going to say he’s a fan of mine, but he’s definitely in my corner.

He staked me for a little bit, and he lost about a million dollars, so he pulled out and that was that.

Finally, what it would mean for him to win the One Drop:

I assure you, if I did win then that money would be going straight back in action. That money’s not going to Australia or anywhere else, it’s going to be right here in the community, ready for action.

It’s a really nice interview packed with carefully chosen words and insight into where Jean-Robert Bellande’s head is as he heads into the biggest tournament of his career.

Read the full interview at Bluff Europe: Jean-Robert Bellande Interview

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