Ryan Eriquezzo Temper Tantrum Ends In Tournament DQ

One time WSOP National Champ booted from Parx Big Stax.

World Series of Poker 2012 National Champ Ryan Eriquezzo apparently lost his temper after losing a massive hand during the PARX Poker Big Stax $1500+$100 buy-in last night and found himself disqualified from the tournament.

From what we gather, Eriquezzo, a professional, got involved in a massive 200bb pot holding AA vs QQ and ended up on the losing end. It’s unclear exactly what happened next but those aces found themselves in trash can moments later.

The PARX poker blog that was covering the tournament, and was following Ryan quite closely, didn’t mention the incident but, of course, it blew up online moments after it happened. It really caught fire though when Ryan called out PARX Poker room ambassador Matt Glantz to address the issue…which he did.

Ryan has been up front in the past about the fact that he has a temper and once he saw Glantz’s comments, the one-time loyal PARX player swore off the card room for life.

After some debate, Glantz then took it on himself to try and find out the details of what happened as the blowback from some of the poker community in terms of the “punishment not fitting the crime” seemed to be sitting on Ryan’s side with the disqualification being too harsh.

Yep. “blow torch the place.” Is that worthy of a DQ? Probably. Ryan denies he said that though. He said some harsh words, but claims that didn’t come out of his mouth. So the “he said, he said” continues.

Still dropping F bombs, Ryan is left without recourse and the PARX Big Stack tournament marches on without him.

Here’s some reaction from the professional poker peanut gallery (to be fair – most of these were shipped before the possible “blow torch” comment came to light):

What do you think? Did Ryan deserve to get the boot?

Want the whole story…check out this Twitter timeline and this one as well.

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