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Tournament Poker Edge seems like a place where the player comes first. Now, we don’t have a subscription or anything (and this isn’t an endorsement) , but in general they produce interesting articles on a variety of poker related subjects and while, sure, they are trying to get people to sign up – they seem to have a real sense of love of both the game and getting better at it.

With that, we thought we’d share a few of their most recent articles came across our screens and they are good reads for poker players of just about every experience level. Rather than parse them out, we’ve compiled a few for those of you open to advice and looking to kill a few minutes. Check these out.

Read: Avoiding A Poker Blowup

Headed into a big series like the WSOP you’d better have your mind right. If you can’t handle it mentally you might lose your cool or even worse…you might blowup.

Unlike tilt or even a bad read, a blowup doesn’t have to be a bad play or occur after you’ve been emotionally battered down following a bad beat. A blowup is simply when you take a needless risk; when you let your ego and your perceived ability to outplay your opponents get the better of you.

Read: The Downsides of Positivity in Poker

For some people, everything is all good, all the time and according to this article – that may be hurting you. For something like poker, being overly optimistic may be a detriment to your game.

I realize it seems like an odd question, but I think it’s an important one. What I’ll be doing in this article is laying down the arguments against being positive, posing an alternative and asking important questions. The arguments are:

1) High expectations lead to big let downs when things inevitably don’t go your way.

2) Your thoughts should be on the hand(s) in question only.

3) Positivity can lead to complacency. For example a player who’s so sure he’s the best that he thinks he doesn’t need work/help with his game.

Read: Why ‘No Man is an Island’ in Poker

Poker is an individual game/sport. There’s only one winner but in order to be the best, you can’t do it alone.

Many people are attracted to poker because of the freedom and independence of the poker lifestyle. It’s true, most poker players live a life free of alarm clocks and commuter travel, so there’s definitely an appeal to that. But what few realize before getting into the game seriously – perhaps because so many of today’s poker players get into the game at the age of 18 or 19, before they have any real life experience to speak of – is that doing things on your own is only possible up to a point, no matter what field you’re in. There’s no such thing as true independence from the system, and embracing this will only help improve your poker game and make you more profitable over time.

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