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Tearing People Down, Lack Of Food All Part Of Choice Center Process

Get behind the curtain info on high-stakes poker’s latest self-help fad.

You don’t eat very much at Choice Center??

From the halls of the Rio at the 2014 World Series of Poker, Bluff Magazine's Thomas Keeling talks candidly with high-stakes poker pro Brian Rast about self-improvement and the sometimes controversial Choice Center.

Brian Rast, who currently sits 2nd in chips in the Event #2 of the WSOP, takes a few minutes out to talk with Thomas Keeling from Bluff Magazine about his strategy for having a more balanced year at the World Series. Rast decided to decrease his stress by not having a bracelet bet in place and basically only play events when he really feels like it.

He also talks about his experience with the self-help institute Choice Center. Choice Center has been getting a lot of credit in poker, specifically from Daniel Negreanu, with both improving once’s quality of life and as a result…results.

Rast isn’t so fast to hop on the Choice Center bandwagon and doesn’t exactly think that it’s “self-replicating virus” like style of aggressive recruitment and break-you-down to build-you-up style of assistance is necessarily the best thing for a person. It’s an interesting insight into how people can help themselves and an insider look into Choice.

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