More Sick Pics From The 2014 World Series of Poker

We trolled the floors of the Rio making these pros pose.

The World Series of Poker let F5Poker get pretty close to the action and before they changed their minds, we wanted to bring you some looks from the tournament floor. Enjoy!

Matt Marifioti wonders where SrslySirius is…

It’s been 25 years since Phil Hellmuth won his WSOP Main Event bracelet…

Even when Ivey's sippin’ he’s starin’

Dan Cates looks happy here, but his mood is about to “turn” sour. With Matt Gianetti and Alec Torelli.

Barry Greenstein plays on his iPad because he is bored by the young guns.

Dominik Nitsche riding low in his chair.

Maria Ho is downplaying her talent in PLO.

and Miss Erik Lindgren herself – the Hit Woman, Erica Schoenberg – trying to keep a low profile.

More pics in an hour or so….

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