Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier’s $10 Million Dream

The battle for Bertrand to make it to the World Series of Poker is well documented. He missed the first couple weeks with a passport snafu but after watching this video from Nolan Dalla and the WSOP you’ll wonder if ElkY was in a hurry to get to Las Vegas for the poker or the pleasures.

So, like ElkY, you want to take your shot at the $10 Million first place prize in the Main Event? Of course you do! When in Las Vegas (or the whole state of Nevada actually) you can grind your way into the Main Event on

They’ve got it all – deposit bonuses, on-site assistance at the WSOP and a 25 Main Event Seat Guarantee on July 5th. So, check it out and own some people online to win your way into one of the biggest Main Events of all time.

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