Matt Glantz and Tom Schneider Debate The WSOP Tournament Buy-In Strategy

This year features more $10K and $1500 events than last.

While the World Series of Poker has gotten off to a fast and fun start this year one of the conversation pieces hitting the hallways of the Rio has been the polarized buy-ins of the majority of events in 2014.

[Watch Matt’s video after the jump]

This year, the WSOP has brought back the $10K Championship events and has instituted more $1500s to match, weeding out many of the $2500, $3K and $5K tournaments that were in place last year.

Both Tom “Donkeybomber” Schneider and Matt Glantz talked with Bluff Magazine's Thomas Keeling to offer two different sides of the debate.

Should there be more mid-level buy-ins because the poker economy is still roughed up or do $10k’s offer more of a championship feel while the $1500 is perfect for shot-taking? Watch and decide for yourself!

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