Dan vs Danielle

Battle In Aerial Acrobatics

Watch Episode #3 of Me vs U.

“This is one of the worst experiences of my life…”

Inspired by a trip to Cirque du Soleilr, the combative pair of Ultimate Poker pros of Dan O’Brien and Danielle Andersen take to the art of aerial acrobatics for their next Me vs. U challenge video.

While Dan looks like a physical beast, the deftness of twirling around in the air through hoops and in silk ribbons prompt him to want to give up before the competition even starts. But, of course, he has no plans to quit when he’s got a perfect record to defend as Danielle is looking to gain some ground in this friendly, but heated, competition.

Watch as these poker pros stray far from the tables to partake in the Aerial Hammock, Aerial Silk and Aerial Lyra with all the grace you would expect from poker players – meaning: not very much.

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