Daniel Negreanu Want To Teach You A Thing Or Two, Stud

Get some non Hold'em tips from Kid Poker.

Just playing the odds here, we’re going to guess that you – in general – are a No Limit Hold’em player.

Just about everyone, when they think of poker, thinks about NLHE. But if you want to win a WSOP bracelet in 2015 (or beyond) your best bet may be by playing (and playing well) in a different discipline – like Stud 8.

Stud 8 is Daniel Negreanu's “favorite poker game” and so, in order to help encourage others to take a shot at learning (and potentially find new fish to feed on) he’s posted a “How To” guide for Stud 8 as well as some basic strategy tips.

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Stud 8 is a game of inches, making the slightly better decisions in tight spots then your opponent. When to squeeze value with a raise, when to force a player out, when to get a hand heads up, when to lay down a hand against dangerous boards.

So, cool it with the pre-flop aggression for a moment and see how it feels to make it to 6th street and beyond with these helpful tips from a guy who’s made over $7M this year alone.

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