More Than The Needle – Man Stabs Friend In Home Game Feud

Everyone is guilty of giving another player, especially a friend, the needle. But a man from Evansville, IN-KY has been charged with more than providing sharp words, he allegedly stabbed a bro.

According to, Steven L. Duncan Jr. and his mate Shawn Hendricks were playing a little late night poker, in Ellis Park, KY, when something went awry and the pair found themselves in the midst of an argument.

Rather than rely on sarcasm, Duncan preferred to, allegedly, stab Hendricks in the side because of it. Which is a pretty awful way to end a poker game.

Well, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office got involved (of course) and arrested the stabber, charging him with second-degree assault while the victim was shipped off to the hospital for medical attention.

Duncan is now looking for a good game at the Henderson County Detention Center.

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