Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler Boycotts The Bike Based On “Quantum Reload” Option

Kessler takes to Two Plus Two to explain new "feature."

Poker pro Allen Kessler is a poker tournament structure stickler and when he found out that the World Poker Tour was planning on implementing their unique 'quantum reload’ feature into the $4M guaranteed Legends of Poker Main Event, he said “enough is enough.”

This year, I have made the decision to boycott their series. It was not an easy decision, but I cannot support their concept called “quantum reload”.

Kessler authored a lengthy post, aimed at WPT officials, over at mega-forum Two Plus Two railing against the patented re-entry formula that lets players pay a premium to enter a tournament at a deeper stage, with some number of chips, even if they’ve been busted out. Here’s how Kessler explains it:

Players at the Bike are able to enter once per $3500 flight with 30000 starting chips. Players who don’t make it through to day two, or who simply don’t want to play day one at all, have an option to buy in directly to day 2 for $10,000 and join the advancing player field from day 1. The bike has changed what this $10k will buy several times. I’ve seen 100k in chips, “avg stack” and 60bb stack all mentioned.

So essentially, you pay a higher price, you get the advantage of advancing to a later stage. It juices the prize pool but also gives a free pass to those who can afford it.

Kessler’s not having it. He thinks that this is one of those “bad for poker” inventions that is going to kill the game long term. It de-incentivizes grinders to take on the pros…

Imagine you are a local l.a. grinder. You win a satellite, you’re playing day 1c and knock out a tough opponent, Brian Rast. You have slightly less than an average stack but are pleased to have made day 2, and to have eliminated a tough opponent. You come back for day 2, find your seat, and there’s Brian directly to your left, and with more chips than you, even though you already eliminated him.

This scenario will happen multiple times. Players that made it through to day 2 will have to knock out the higher echelon players an extra time, and this time the skilled players have bought an even bigger stack.

Read: My open letter to Adam Pliska (WPT president) regarding quantum reload in wpt sponsored events

What do you think? Is “quantum reload” a big poker money grab from those who can afford it or an option akin to a level of service? Let us know.

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