Dark Game – One Drop Winner Inspires Others To Look In The Mirror

Op-ed suggests that poker simply too life consuming.

The words of Big One for One Drop winner Daniel Colman have proven to be inspirational. Colman, who won the $15M first place prize at the 2014 WSOP One Drop, called poker a “very dark game” and one that preys upon others weaknesses. It seems that some have taken these words to heart.

In this Op-ed over at India’s Economic Times, Colman’s words ring true to the author of an article that ponders the difference between the consummate pro and the drunk gambler when sitting at the table. Is there really a difference between them? Honor in being a student of the game? Furthermore, is poker a losing life proposition – even if you are a winner?

I didn’t feel elated after my score, though. “We pride ourselves on studying the game, cracking the math, all that other shit,” I said to J as we drove away, “but in the end this is what it comes down to. Sitting in a dark room waiting for a drunk builder to give his money away. Where is the nobility in this?” J replied, “Yeah, we’re like drug dealers exploiting people’s addictions.”

We spend lots of time talking about the fat cash and fun times of poker as a part-recreation, part-sport for most and a profession for a select few. Here’s the other side to that viewpoint, check it out and see what you think.

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