Daniel Negreanu’s Guide For Poker Hall of Fame Voting

Kid Poker's do's and don'ts of ballot casting.

We’ve already had our say on whether Daniel Negreanu should be a first ballot Poker Hall of Famer...but just in case the living members of the HoF and the multiple media outlets don’t read F5 – Daniel opted to put out his own guide to building a better Poker Hall of Fame.

Believe it or not, Daniel fits all his own criteria.

In his new blog post over at Full Contact Poker, Daniel breaks down some of the traps that voters may fall into when considering which finalist to let in the prestigious group.

Like, should it matter if you are on the younger side of the age limit…say, having just turned 40?

The real question I have for all of you is this: should Hall of Fame voters choose the person most deserving of the award, or should age be a factor? About 6 years ago they instituted a rule that you must be 40 years of age or older to be inducted. This addresses one of the key criteria for induction, “stood the test of time.” So the question is whether or not someone who is 75 years old, no longer at their peak or even playing, trumps the credentials of someone 45 years old who has been in the game for, say, 20 odd years?

Also, does everyone have to like the guy or can he be somewhat controversial?

eing a “nice guy” isn’t one of the criteria. I don’t think anyone would classify Johnny Moss or Stu Ungar as nice guys, but both clearly have a place in the poker hall of fame. Now, Tom McEvoy is most certainly a nice guy, and I think that’s one of the key reasons he was inducted last year, despite their being more qualified candidates based on the criteria.

OK, what about people who have waited their turn…should they get special consideration?

I’ve heard this one A LOT and it doesn’t make sense to me. There is already a built in age criteria, 40+ years of age. A player who is 60 is no more qualified than a player who is 40, they both meet the criteria equally.

It seems that Daniel just wants the HoF to be filled with killer-instinct poker players who have destroyed their peers and played at the highest level. It also seems clear that he’s confident he’s done that. While he never directly indicates that this blog is about him defending his first-ballot worthiness, it definitely could be interpreted as such.

Check it out: Poker Hall Of Fame

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