Gavin Griffin – It’s Foolish To Worry About Looking Foolish

Advice on being honest about your own play.

He’s a triple crown winner who’s climbed to the top of poker mountain only to have to restart his career from the ground up. Gavin Griffin has been there and done that, so when he has some words of advice, as he does in his latest column on Card Player, you’d best be listening up.

In his latest column, Gavin tackles the topic of facing the music when you play your hands. Whether that means turning up a bluff gone wrong at showdown or an embarrassing pre-flop shove, you shouldn’t be shamed into feeling like an idiot at the table. There’s no value in feeling embarrassed, in fact it may hinder your growth.

I always wonder why some people muck their cards when they are caught bluffing. First of all, you never know when you might have the best hand or your opponent might have misread their hand. The equity from those two situations is certainly high enough for you to justify showing a losing hand most of the time. Second of all, if you muck your cards, everyone knows you’re bluffing anyways, what’s the difference if they get to see the two cards you had on that specific hand. If you’re playing well, you shouldn’t really care if they know in this particular instance.

The honesty of how you play your hand will help you self-examine and improve and in the instance of presenting information to backers…misrepresenting bustout hands is straight up lying.

Another solid read from Team Big Slick’s Gavin Griffin: Looking Like An Idiot

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