Seminole Hard Rock Poker Boss “On Vacation” During $2.5M Overlay, High Roller Dispute

Perhaps it is a permanent vacation?

Seems like a funny time for the Director of Poker Operations for the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, William Mason, to be “on vacation” but according to poker pro Scott Seiver, who was looking for some answers in the middle of a dispute during the SHRPO high roller event, that’s exactly where he is.

Granted it was Labor Day in the USA, but in the midst of what is arguably the Seminole Hard Rock’s biggest poker event of the year, which found itself needing to provide a $2.5M overlay, and on the day that they hold what is likely their largest buy-in event…ever…a $100K high roller tournament – when a decision is needed from the top, by an influential poker player – that dude is “on vacation?”

Totally understandable, and unfortunate, if that is code for “permanent vacation” as bosses at casinos aren’t often fans of giving away a free $2.5M. But, someone needs to be readily available and have ultimate authority in the midst of one’s signature event and a nearly $1M sit-and-go.

Seiver ended up in a dispute over payouts in the $100K “tournament” (which featured 9 runners) where the structure sheet/tournament rules says that 3 places were going to get paid but officials on hand declared it to be only 2.

At the end of the day though, the floor realized they had made a mistake by saying it would be only 2 and announced that the payouts would be re-set to 3…setting off the dispute.

After listening to Seiver’s argument, and finding someone with some decision making authority, SHRPO officials decided to see things Scott’s way.

While the official update states that players helped make the change. Not all of the players involved were happy – specifically Ryan Fee and Jason Mo.

As it sits right now – 2 places are going to get paid. Wonder why Scott was so adamant about only 2 places being paid?

More on this as it develops.

UPDATE: SHRPO, in order to avoid a disastrous live stream full of complaining, have graciously added $50K to the previously unpaid 3rd place finisher.

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