WSOP Bracelet Winner Grant Hinkle’s Dick Move Caught On Video

Hinkle taunts rival fan during Monday Night Football.

Clearly the Hevad Khan rule of excessive celebration in poker does not apply in NFL stadiums.

Check out this video of WSOP bracelet winner Grant Hinkle, a rabid Kansas City Chiefs fan, umm…“celebrating” his team right in face of a forlorn New England Patriots fan during Monday Night Football last night.

As Deadspin delicately put it, Hinkle gave the rival fan a “faux-face-f**king” with a beer bottle. But this soon-to-be viral video also caught the attention of Uproxx Sports, which basically calls Grant “the Most Obnoxious Human Being On The Planet.”

If this Patriots fan is in reality pals with the Hinkle’s (as you can see Grant’s 2013 SHRPO Winning brother Blair is two seats to his right) then this is passable as funny.

If that’s a random guy who is coming to root on his team, as it appears, then Grant kicked down the door and claimed his spot in the Team Loyalty Douchbag Hall of Fame.

Grant seems to be taking in influx of media attention more than “in-stride”, he even seems a proud of his portrayal.

Grant is going to get another shot at going over the top as the Kansas City Royals take on the Oakland A’s in the MLB AL Wild Card Playoff Game tonight and, yes, he’ll be looking to find an A’s fan to “go all-in” with there as well.

More excessive celebration: Dale “Daleroxxu” Philip’s Contract Terminating World Cup Celebration

(h/t the man, the myth – @Kevmath)

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