Dale “Daleroxxu” Philip’s Contract Terminating World Cup Celebration

Four years of service gone in 65 seconds.

I wasn’t saying “fuck you” and making a 'fuck you’ gesture, I was saying “get it round ye” and getting it right round them with the 'get it round ye’ gesture.

As you may have read yesterday, PokerStars terminated the contract of popular Team Online Pro Dale “Daleroxxu” Philip yesterday for an excessive celebration of a Dutch goal in their match vs. Spain…while Philip was watching the match in Spain.

Read: Team PokerStars Online Pro Dale “Daleroxxu” Philip Dropped For Excessive Celebration…of Football

Now Dale himself has decided to write about the entire incident, including uploading the piece of video that was cited as the reason for his termination.

You can read the entire account of what happened from Dale’s side on his blog – right here.

Like I say, I wasn’t trying to offend anyone, just have some standard football banter with lads from the rival side. It’s not tennis or golf, I’m not going to politely clap or tip my cap. It’s football and I’m a passionate football fan.

Everyone was drunk off the free drink and it was a good friendly atmosphere right up until the equalizing goal. The Spanish fans were basically friendly up to the point where they stopped winning, then turned into a bunch of butt-hurt bastards.

Dale goes on to explain the situation got pretty hostile after his celebration and those hostilities continued through the week. He finally was finished with his duties in Spain when he received an email stating that PokerStars needed him to contact them.

[17/06/2014 20:51:44] Chris J: ok
[17/06/2014 20:51:48] Chris J: well, sorry to ruin your flight
[17/06/2014 20:52:00] Chris J: but i’ve had a lot of complaints on this video
[17/06/2014 20:52:12] Dale: Is the video public?
[17/06/2014 20:52:21] Chris J: no, internal complaints
[17/06/2014 20:52:31] Dale: Can I see it?
[17/06/2014 20:52:38] Chris J: sure will forward it now
[17/06/2014 20:53:20] Chris J: bottom line is, it’s the strong opinion here that this is not acceptable for a brand ambassador
[17/06/2014 18:54:49] Chris J: we’re terminating the contract
[17/06/2014 18:54:55] Chris J: i am sad about it, you’ve been a key part of the team
[17/06/2014 18:55:10] Chris J: but the view here is that’s just not excusable from someone representing the company

Dale had been a Team PokerStars Pro for 4 years prior to this incident.

Again, you can read Dale’s account, and some of the details of his contract, of how it went down on his blog.

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