No One Raises Phil Ivey

"Never can be too careful..."

We caught this one from whomever it is that controls poker superstar Phil Ivey's Twitter account. According to a live report from PokerNews from down at the 2015 Aussie Millions Ivey lost the minimum when his opponent refused to raise him…even when they had the stone cold nuts.

Ivey turned two pair holding the AT on a board of T3QA rainbow. He bet 2k and his heads-up opponents called. The river brought a brick, the 7s. Ivey again bet, this time 5k. His opponent holding the unbeatable hand of JKo simply called and was pushed the pot.

[Ivey] looked around a little confused to see if anyone else reacted. No one did and the game moved on.

In many card rooms, that last check would be worthy of a penalty. In order to avoid soft play and collusion if the last player to act has and shows down the nuts and did not raise, they could be subject to a penalty.

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