Under Pressure – Folding Too Much or Not Folding Enough

Fill those gaps in your 2015 game.

Happy New Year! We’re back to bringing you random poker entertainment and the occasional news item to help you fill your week with tons of poker goodness.

There’s no better time than the start of a new year to get your poker game in order and relinquish bad habits that terrorized your 2014 stat sheet.

Over at Card Player Noted poker authority Ed Miller has some words of advice for you and that’s to stop folding so much! In him popular column Miller outlines a few situations where, truth be told, the average poker player lets go of his cards way too often. Take for instance when the flop comes all one suit…

When the flop comes all one suit, many players mentally check out on the hand if they don’t hold a flush or a strong flush draw. But this reaction overestimates the chance that another player has flopped a flush.

Using that 20 percent preflop range from the previous example, on a flop like K63 (all diamonds), a player flops a flush only about five percent of the time. They hold the nut flush draw only another six percent of the time. They hold any diamond at all only about 37 percent of the time.

Wanna see other situations where you need to hang on just a little bit longer? Check out the full article right here: Five Situations Where You Fold Too Much

On the flip side though, another poker authority, author Jonathan Little, wants you to think about folding a little more – even in spots where you have a pretty premium holding. In his column The Art If Folding In A Bad Spot Little tells the tale of a hand he played at the WPT BestBet where he was put to the test holding top top. A quick read and a good lesson.

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