That One Glorious Moment When F5 Poker Owned Your Netflix

There you were, sitting on your couch, watching the new Daniel Neagreanu docu on your Netflix.

And then boom—out of nowhere—your favorite online poker news and entertainment site fills the screen. That’s right, F5Poker has a cameo in the new PokerStars documentary, KidPoker.

Which one of the many thousands of candidate articles got featured, I hear your ask? The article that got its starring role was this hard hitting piece by the one and only original F5 Editor and all-round superstar Jeff Walsh.

The in-depth article—a Walsh classic—takes you on a journey of intrigue and discovery as he uncovers Negreanu’s plot to take over the high stakes world.

It includes six embedded tweets. Six.

We’re not surprised it was featured. Honestly the whole documentary could have been better if it had just been a selection of F5 staffers reading out each F5 post about Negreanu in chronological order. There’s enough of them, after all.

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