Another Week, Another Poker Twitter Spat

Like I said the other week, you can’t go anywhere near poker twitter at the moment without someone saying something that offends someone. It’s a delicate place out there people.

And once again, we were treated to a front row seat at The Twitter Sh*t Show yesterday .

It was all unwittingly started by WSOP Player of the Year himself Jason Mercier when he posted the question on Twitter “Why does every girl want to get married in a garden? I don’t get it”

All fairly innocent and not surprising considering his recent engagement to Natasha Barbour.

But after Mike McDonald commented and in turn Shaun Deeb did as well, it seemed people forgot their sense of humor and things got really serious all of a sudden. Liv Boeree dropped the M bomb and called out Deeb for being a misogynist.

The funny thing is, I am not sure if Deeb was the one cracking a joke, or whether Boeree was for calling him out on it.

Well, that escalated quickly.

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