Taking Your Poker Skills to The Slot Machines

Slot machines now bring in the “real” money, and slot machines are played by both women and men of all ages. There are no secret tips that can guarantee a person will win on slot machines. However, if you’ve ever played poker, the strategies you learned at the table will be very valuable when playing slot machines. Whether you want to play at regular slot machines or find a bit specific ones such as millionaire genie or Rainbow riches, the poker knowledge will be of great importance. So, here are some tips you can use from poker experience in order to win big.

1. Determine your bankroll before you get to the casino

This is the most important tip to look for. Before you ever sit down to play a slot machine, you should have already determined a fixed amount of money that you are prepared to LOSE. You need to assume you are going to lose all of your money. If you’ve ever set foot in a Las Vegas casino and played poker, you must be fully prepared for the worst case scenario. Make sure you are okay with losing big amount of money, and if you are not, then reduce the amount. Do not have access to any other money while you are playing. Use the bankroll that you have, and that’s it.

2. Casino must be regulated and have independent third-party oversight

This strategy is very important because usually you find class II machines in casinos that are not state regulated. Most class II machines are found on gaming reservations where many state regulations do not apply. Many casinos are self-regulated by a tribal gaming counsel. This is not to say that they are unfair, but there needs to be independent third-party oversight with any casino. So, be careful which one you choose, and similarly with poker, some slot machines could be unapproved.

3. Limit your session playing time

In correlation with your session bankrolls will be the length of time for each gambling session. As you know from poker, no gambling session should be longer than two hours. At the end of two hours, you must take at least a thirty minute break. This break needs to be away from the casino floor. It can be in your room, in a restaurant, outside, wherever you prefer, but remove yourself from the casino atmosphere. It is very important to adhere to this rule. After two hours of play your body and mind become fatigued and begin to make rash decisions. You are no longer thinking logically, your emotions have taken over.

4. Set strict win limits

You may probably know someone who never leaves the casino a winner. This person will hit mini jackpots and maybe even a large jackpot, but they always manage to give it back to the casino. They do this by playing erratically. They may jump to a higher denomination or increase their session time; somehow they always come home empty-handed. This happens with playing poker more than anything else, so don’t forget that the next time you decide to play with slot machines.

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