Scientists and poker pros reveal the secrets of success

It is quite natural for beginners to keep their eyes peeled for professionals, or masters who found success, won recognition and achieved great results. It always seems that there should be some special secret of their success, special knowledge, or exceptional circumstances that placed them on a pedestal. Beginning poker players that are tired of reading a bunch of books, watching training video day and night, learning techniques and strategies may fall into that trap and start looking for unknown X- factor of poker pros with ETP, WTP or WSOP champion titles.

And what’s interesting is, not only beginners but also scientists wished to solve the mystery of successful poker players. No, they were not going to search for intangible X-factor, they just decided to study personality types of fortunate pokers players. The research team of University of Helsinki has done a great job that has nothing to do with any magic. They assessed poker experience of players who took part in the study and their personality traits. The result was that the higher emotional stability was, the higher the level of poker experience was.

Though, poker champions made no secret of what helped them to become who they are now. Each of successful poker players have their own recipes and advice, consequently. So many champions, so many experiences, and, of course, there is no one-size-fits-all way of becoming one of them. Nevertheless, these tips will be very handy and supporting in moments of despair. Do not forget to read them from time to time, check the latest poker news and upcoming tournaments on the popular EU online casino and follow its updates.

  • Experience

Roger Hairabedian who started his poker career at the age of 30 years old and won WSOP bracelet two times emphasizes that poker is a job to be performed thoroughly and on a long-term basis. It has nothing to do with fun and requires experience and commitment. Roger warns beginners not to be misled by good results within the first few years, it is more likely to be luck. To keep the edge during a long-term period a player should work hard and stable.

  • Passion

‘Love what you do’ principle applies poker as well. Ambitiousness, logical thinking, fearlessness, resistance to stress, good memory will hardly serve well in case a poker player is not passionate about poker. Passion is that essential ingredient that won’t let a poker player give up and keep on polishing skills in order to reach new heights.

  • Family

Roberto Romanello earned more than $3,300,000 in live tournaments, and one may think that this professional has some special strategy or extraordinary luck. Who knows, but Roberto, himself, believes that he owes his success to his wonderful family that welcomes and loves him, whatever the outcome of the game is. Knowing that after a tough tour there is home to go and relax helped Roberto to become EPT and WPT Champion.

So, beginner will take on board the results of study as well as tips given by pros.

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