ICYMI: Joey Ingram Hangs up on Alec Torelli

Ingram calls Torelli dishonest and full of sh*t.

Joey Ingram —who usually sits on the fence of most spats— ended up hanging up on Alec Torelli in a recent Live at the Bike podcast— ultimately branding Torelli as dishonest.

Torelli has beef with Ingram’s mate Doug Polk about videos Polk created on Torelli allegedly angle shooting on Poker Night in America and it seems Ingram couldn’t stay impartial.

It seems as if Torelli defending himself against angle shooting allegations was enough for Ingram to lose his cool and end the call.

Unfortunately you can only catch up on the podcast if you have a subscription to Live at the Bike. However, it didn’t take long for Polk to release a video slating Torelli some more.

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