The Postulation Station: A Mike Postle Mega Post

An attempt to compile everything you could possibly want to watch, listen to and read about the Postle/Stones cheating scandal.

Right, let’s just dive straight in. You have no idea who Mike Postle is. You haven’t read anything about this whole cheating stuff. You need to get up to speed. Fast. You’ve come to the right place.

It all started with Twitter accusations and Youtube video compilations from a former Stones commentator and player Veronica Brill. She uploaded videos like below, which she said showed very suspicious play.

This quickly spilled into a huge 2+2 investigation, dozens of podcasts, countless hours of Youtube analysis, memes, threads, and coverage in mainstream media. In fact, perhaps the best three-minute primer you can get is this segment on ESPN Sports Center. For mainstream coverage, this does a great job summing up the situation for the layperson.

Now you’re primed and you want to know more? There’s this long-form piece by The Ringer if you want to keep things high level. But probably at this stage you’re ready to get your hands dirty. Let’s move on.

For a strong “week 1” wrap up article with more meat on the bone, you’d do well to spend 30 minutes on Dolk Polk’s video from last week.

The Two Plus Two thread is of course your canonical source with the latest. Make sure you keep your eyes on the first post, which is being updated with an FAQ. Here you can read about the early accusations, some of the data and analysis compiled, and a whole lot more.

Of course, if you have hours to kill, you may as well start at the start and watch the Joey Ingram deep dive videos, who has basically been live-recording the fallout almost every day for over a week. At the time of writing ,we are on part nine, and a staggering 36 hours of video. Start your journey with video 1 below.

The podcasters are also feverishly covering this in detail. You’ll find lots of episodes archived on the pokerfuse podcast directory, with takes from the guys at Pocket Fives, Thinking Poker, Poker Fraud Alert, PokerNews and more. Here’s one of our favs.

But perhaps most important are the Mike Matusow podcasts who does a two-part interview with Mike Postle himself there to defend himself against the acusations. Spoiler alert: Postle is absolutely, unconditionally professing his innocence. But his denials didn’t hold water for many.

There’s been various takes of this since, including this one from Card Player focusing on the “challenge” to Doug Polk. PokerNews has been doing diligent work throughout this as well—part 6 of their ongoing series of articles focuses on some of the highlights from the audio.

That still not enough for you? Well if you want to get deep into the data, there’s this community-shared Google Sheet of all Postle sessions.

The latest information at the time of writing:

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