Do Twitch Steamers Have Bad Taste In Music?

After playing Lily Allen’s “Apples” for 30 minutes straight on a recent stream, one Twitch viewer took to Reddit to complain about AllinPav’s apparent “awful” taste in music.

The viewer with Reddit handle “jonovan” said about the stream: “I’ve never found a streamer whose music I felt improved my viewing experience, but just now ALLInPav just played Lily Allen “Apples” for, like, 30 minutes? Maybe he gets a kick out of trolling his viewers, but, guess what, I don’t really like getting trolled. I want to learn, not be annoyed. Never watching him again.”

Not missing a beat, AllinPav took to Twitter to make light of the situation.

AllinPav is part of partypoker’s Team Online. He has also been part of Doug Polk’s Grind Nation —a collective of Twitch streamers bought together to help grow poker.

You can read the thread here which features comments such as:

Aren’t you an entitled little shit? You get free content from streamers who give you high end not only entertainment but also teach you how to become a better poker player yourself? Without charging you a single dime? Open your eyes and grow the fuck up. He is free to play whatever music he wants, and you are free to leave, but don’t make these useless shitposts that hardly pertain to poker to begin with, and only put other people down especially dedicated streamers.

Isn’t Reddit a wonderful place.

And for those unfamiliar with Allen’s song, as I was, here it is:

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