Galfond Goes to Youtube

The owner and founder of Run It Once has started a Youtube channel with first video discussing downswings and bad runs.

Phil Galfond, founder of the Run it Once (RIO) online poker site, is stepping onto the YouTube streets. The high-stakes PLO beast is fresh off several successful heads-up matches on the nosebleed PLO streets, and now, he is taking to YouTube to impart some of his wisdom to the masses.

Galfond took to Twitter to announce the new channel, but he did more than just announce it. One of the things that makes Galfond such a force in the poker world is his ability to look honestly at his own games and habits, and more importantly, analyze them in a thoughtful and well-spoken way.

The announcement for the new channel is a great example of that, one step removed from poker itself. He spends 13 tweets explaining what kept him away from YouTube for so long, and what finally convinced him to jump into the game now. As usual for Galfond, it is a deep dive into motivations and personal barriers.

His first step into the YouTube world is an interesting discussion of downswings and bad runs on the poker felt. While Galfond has an almost unquestioned status as one of the greatest players in the game, even beasts run bad from time to time, and Galfond’s wisdom on something that all players will experience to one degree or another is invaluable.

More than that, his humble, straight-forward style is perfect for the topic, and for this style of “talking-head” exploration of deeper topics. His style is engaging without being flashy, and really allows the listener to focus on the message rather than the messenger, something that extends to nearly every video product Galfond stars in.

If you are experiencing a downswing now, or still have painful memories of your last one, Galfond’s quiet but engaging exploration of the topic from psychological and mathematical angles is a great place to start trying to come to terms with that. But on a larger note, this first video in what looks to be a continuing series is a shot across the bow to other poker creators, just reminding us that Galfond crushes pretty much everything he touches.

In this particular case, however, rather than crushing souls and taking money at the poker table, he crushes the educational game, and the poker public will only benefit from Galfond’s latest “beast-mode” endeavour. Catch the first edition from Galfond as he examines downswings at the link below, and be sure to hit Subscribe for all his future content as well.

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